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Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop

Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop


This product is made of food grade stainless steel with mirror finish, durable and easy to clean, and also safe to use. Time Roaming coffee scoop with a long handle which is easy to store in coffee canisters or bags or cans, very comfortable to use. You could not only use it for coffee or cocoa, also it¡¯s great for tea, flour, creamer, protein powders, and even more. Time Roaming coffee scoop is a stylish addition to any kitchen, perfect for domestic use or coffee shops.


- Color: As shown.
- Size: 15 x 3.7 x 3.7cm.
- Material: Stainless steel.
- Premium Quality: This Coffee Bean Power Scoop is made of premium stainless steel and can use long time.
- Enjoy Your Coffee: This Measuring Scoop precisely measures 10g tablespoon Exact! So don't worry about too much or too less coffee,makes sure you can start your day the right way!
- Easy to Use: Anyone can use the coffee scoop with ease! Its long handle provides easy accessibility in any jar or container.
- Multi-Function: This scoop is great for coffee, protein powder, spices, syrups, liquids, condiments, toppings, and many more uses!
- Easy to Clean: Made of premium stainless steel material,this coffee spoon is easy to clean by hand.


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