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Guatemalan (Organic)

Guatemalan (Organic)


Typical Cup Profile: Varies widely by region, typically bold, zesty and fruity


Prominent Regions: Antigua, Coban, Huehuetenango

Guatemala may have some of the best coffee-growing conditions in Central America. Its altitude, climate and the rich, volcanic soil contribute to the rich flavors and robust body that make Guatemalan coffees so remarkable. Coffees grown in the different regions of Guatemala have distinctly different flavor profiles. Those profiles and the reputation for quality are carefully shepherded by ANACAFE, the Guatemalan coffee association, which tastes and certifies coffees with regional designations. If a coffee doesn't meet the strict standards for approval, those coffees can only be sold as SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) coffee without a regional designation. Thus, if you see a Guatemalan Antigua, you can be reasonably certain that it will meet high standards in the qualities that characterize coffees from Antigua. The coffees are generally complex and well-rounded with chocolate notes and hints of spice, fruit and earthy overtones in the flavor.

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