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Decaffeinated Colombian Mountain Water Processed

Decaffeinated Colombian Mountain Water Processed



Colombian coffee is often regarded as some of the highest quality coffee in the world. Colombia has traditionally grown Arabica beans at high altitudes and drier climates, producing a delicious, full-bodied, high-quality brew. Its quality reputation was built from beans grown in the “MAM” provinces (Medellin, Armenia, Manizales) of the Cordillera Central Mts.  Now, more coffee grows in southern areas such as Huila and Cauca.  The choicest coffee comes from this region.

Tasting Notes: 
This coffee has an alluring aroma of buttery nuts and pound cake.  The taste is fuller bodied with a nice walnut chocolatey tone mixing with a smooth, sweeter, mellow finish.  Pleasing hints of smoke and spice cake finish off this great Colombian coffee at darker roast points.




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