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Chinese Micro-lot Gr. 1 Washed - Black River - Estate Produced

Chinese Micro-lot Gr. 1 Washed - Black River - Estate Produced


Tasting Notes:          
To visualize this cup you need to take some aspects from many different coffees: Think sweet and floral like a Costa coffee mixing with the stronger chocolaty tones and body of a Rwanda or Burundi with just a hint at certain roast points of a spicy very clean Indonesian earthiness. Without being too extreme in any of these tones, this is really a cup anyone can like. 

This is an awesome Chinese single estate coffee grown above 1500m, coming from along the highlands of the Black River in pretty dense natural forest land. Natural forest canopy covers the bulk of the coffee which is very ideal for the plants and is very important from the local eco system. 

The area in China where this coffee comes from is a rainforest with a gentle mist coming off the mountain engulfing the coffee trees. A herd of wild elephants live on the farm as well and these coffee farmers really try and preserve the natural habitat throughout the whole farm.

The farm mostly grows cattura but there could be a couple other testing strains intermixed within the forest that made its way into the lot. 



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