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Brazil Cerrado (Organic) Fully WASHED

Brazil Cerrado (Organic) Fully WASHED


A fully washed Brazil is a rareity. Almost 99.9% of Brazils are Natural Processed or Honey Processed. Besides the unique processing for this origin, the cup is very pleasant in its tones and very smooth and much more refined than your average Brazil. Chocolaty, smokey and nutty will be the predominate flavors at the darker roast points with a little sweeter edge.

Typical Brazil Cup Profile: Light-bodied and clean, brightly acidic with citrus and fruit flavors

Brazil has been one of the world's top coffee producers for decades. Much of the coffee produced in Brazil is commercial/commodity-grade coffee sold for mass-marketed blends, but an increasing number of small estates are producing high-quality coffees worthy of notice. Brazilian coffees are often grown at lower altitudes than is typical of specialty coffee, but that needn’t relegate them to the back shelf. A good Brazilian coffee has the classic flavor profile of a South American cup -- clean, light, brightly acidic, but mild and relatively balanced. Many coffee houses and roasters use Brazilian coffee as the base for their espresso blends because it tends to produce a lot of crema without adding unpleasant flavors and sharp edges to the resulting shot.






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