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Our Roasting Philosophy

We source only top-grade, fair trade varietal beans that reflect the uniqueness of their growing environment and roast them according to their own roasting and flavor profile.  By tailoring the roasting process to the bean with the ultimate control of a small batch drum roaster, we are able to bring out the special qualities of every coffee, giving you the opportunity to discover a new flavor experience every time you order.


Catalina Island Roast Coffee mugs


To create excitement for this high-end specialty coffee that is artisan micro-roasted on Santa Catalina Island.

To source the finest fair-trade Arabica and hybrid coffee beans from various regions around the globe.

To employ the most stringent freshness standard by hand-scooping and packaging our coffee within 48 hours of roasting.

To offer outstanding knowledge to educate our guests about coffee.

To give back through involvement in community outreach programs.