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Single Origin

 We can commonly define a single origin coffee as one that is grown within a single known geographical location.  The beans may be the product of a single farm or a collection from a single country.  It may seem like a minuscule distinction to make, but factors including soil acidity and mineral levels, type of fertilizer used, and the timing of harvest can all affect the way a coffee tastes.  

For those interested in trying single origin coffees, here are some of the general tasting notes by location:

  • Central America: Brown sugar, cocoa, and spice; balanced and smooth
  • South America: Sweet and medium-bodied
  • Brazil: Chocolate with some spice
  • Africa: Full flavor and bold aroma
  • Middle East: Sweeter, with fruity undertones
  • Kenya: Bright, juicy, sweet, tart, and tropical
  • Ethiopia: If naturally processed– sweet berry; If washed– jasmine and lemongrass
  • Sumatra: One of the most distinct and identifiable origins- rich, earthy, full-bodied
  • Indonesia: Smoky and toasted