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Papua New Guinea Organic

Papua New Guinea Organic


Tasting Notes:          
A little fuller bodied yet smooth cup of coffee. A small hint of an herbally acidity balanced with a semi-sweet chocolaty undertone. A cool floral spice aroma that is very clean for a PNG coffee; a good everyday drinker.

This is a Co-op produced coffee from the highlands of the Chiambu Province. Most of the farmers ares from the most rural areas where accessibility to mills and processing equipment is a rare find. In rural areas like this it is a necessity to form a Co-op so that at least 1 dry mill and 1 wet mill can be purchased and maintained as a group; as well as to educate on how to grow/process top notch coffee for these tend not to be traditional farm groups and more like rural villagers.

Grown at 4000 ft and above and is a mix of both Bourbon and Typica strains.

Typical Cup Profile: Modestly rich body with sweet, ripe fruit flavors

Papua New Guinea (PNG) takes up the eastern half of the island of New Guinea. The coffees grown there share many of the qualities of the finest Indonesian coffees -- low-toned, rich in body and complex in flavor. The larger estate coffees are wet-processed using modern methods in large-scale facilities, while smaller farm holders tend to wet-process their own coffees, which results in more rustic flavors in the cup. PNG coffees sold on the American specialty market are most commonly from the larger estates, but many small roasters source their own PNG coffees from small holder farms through direct trade. The best Papua New Guinea coffees are vibrant, fragrant and thick, offering the luxurious mouth feel of the best Sumatran and Sulawesi coffees.



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