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Indonesia RFA Organic Balinese Blue Moon Single Origin

Indonesia RFA Organic Balinese Blue Moon Single Origin


Tasting Notes:
A very rich, clean, and smooth cup with a hint sweet lemon acidity balanced with a chocolaty finish. Medium to full bodied with low acidity; a nice daily cup. Hints of a slight smoky tones can be found, especially in a darker roast.


Bali is a tiny island– actually, a submerged volcano peak - just off the east coast of Java, with many small coffee farms. The farmers who grow Kintamani Natural belong to cooperative organizations known as Subak Abian (SA) founded on a Hindu philosophy known as “Tri Hita Karana” (the three causes of happiness). SA co-ops foster community in agricultural, social and religious activities, and have been certified Organic since 2008. Pesticides are never used on their coffee farms, and fertilizers are 100% organic.

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