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Central America & Mexico

Central American coffees have a reputation for balance. Until recently, coffees from countries like Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala were often regarded as "boring" and "bland," especially in comparison to coffees from eastern Africa and the Pacific Rim. Over the past few years, though, Central American coffees have really come into their own as coffee growers focus on quality and flavor. From the nearly effervescent brightness of Costa Rican Tarrazu to the toffee and caramel notes in a Nicaraguan Matagalpa, you'll find more richness and variety in Central American coffees today than ever before.

  • Costa Rica: Bright, clean and fruity
  • El Salvador: Sweet and balanced
  • Guatemala: Bold, robust and nuanced
  • Honduras: Softly nuanced with caramel
  • Mexico: Clean, sweet and light
  • Nicaragua: Crisp, fruity snap
  • Panama: Varied, rich and surprising