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Africa is the birthplace of coffee, so it's no surprise that the coffees of the African continent are distinctive and varied. African coffees tend toward wine-like flavors with full, heavy bodies. Many African countries rely heavily on coffee for their economy. The best known of the African coffees are those that grow in Ethiopia and Kenya, where the government has aggressively pushed farmers to adopt more sustainable growing practices and focus on delivering high-quality coffee. In some other African countries, however, conflict and weather are continuing issues that affect the quality and availability of the coffee. As farmers and coops focus on growing high-quality coffee for export, these emerging coffee nations are producing some truly distinctive coffees.

  • Burundi: Brightly acidic but uneven
  • Congo: Sweet, rustic, inconsistent
  • Ethiopia: Wild, fruity, refined, surprising
  • Kenya: Wine-like, full-bodied, berry and citrus notes
  • Rwanda: Delicate flavors, full body
  • Tanzania: Wine, berry and citrus
  • Zimbabwe: Balanced, chocolate, caramel and lemon