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Best Way to Store Coffee

coffee storage

Storing Catalina Island Roast Coffee:

Store your whole bean coffees in a cool, dark, dry place – and always in an opaque air-tight container. Because coffee beans are porous, they act like a sponge and absorb odors. They are also a perishable item and naturally lose their qualities of aroma and flavor over time. We suggest you buy an amount of coffee beans that you plan to consume within 60 to 90 days. That time frame maximizes the aroma and flavor you get from your micro-roast gourmet Catalina Island Roast Coffee beans.

Storing your beans in the refrigerator is okay, but not your best option. Why? Because air and moisture are primary enemies of coffee. When you open your cold container of coffee beans, the cold air inside mixes with the warm room-temperature air and produces moisture. Although you may not be able to see it, small amounts of moisture can form on your beans. Every time you open your container, your coffee beans will absorb any moisture that has formed, thus decreasing the shelf life of your beans.

Storing your beans in the freezer is a mistake. Why? Because the oils your coffee beans will congeal when frozen and may never return to their original consistency, thus harming the overall quality of your finished brew.

For ground coffee, the shelf life for maximum freshness is only about two weeks. Keep in mind, that's two weeks from the day the coffee is originally ground. We recommend you use Catalina Island Roast Coffee whole beans and grind as needed, just before brewing!

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