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How to Brew the Perfect Cup

brewing storage water

1) Keep your coffee maker clean!
Sounds fairly simple, but residue from both water and coffee can build up in your machine and detract from the natural characteristics of the coffee. Since this generally happens at a slow pace, from pot to pot, it's not easily noticed - but it can, and certainly does, happen.

2) Use fresh, clear and clean cold water that is free of impurities.
Remember the old adage “coffee is 99% water”? Well, we believe it’s true and the quality of your brew is heavily dependent upon the quality of the water that you use. Your own freshly drawn tap water is fine; however, if you're not happy with the flavor or color of your tap water, you should consider filtered or bottled water for brewing.

3) Use the right amount of freshly ground coffee.
We recommend grinding your fresh, micro-roasted Catalina Island Roast Coffee right before brewing. Use 2 Tbsp. of your freshly ground coffee for every 6 oz. of water (adjust to taste).

4) Remove your coffee from the burner promptly after brewing is complete.
Brewed coffee ages quickly when it's exposed to air. The flavor and aroma loss starts immediately after brewing and becomes noticeable after as little as 15 minutes. If your freshly-brewed coffee is not going to be used promptly, transfer the contents of your pot to an insulated airpot, thermal server, or carafe. This will ensure your coffee will remain hot for several hours, while maintaining its rich aroma and freshly-brewed taste.

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